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Google Glass Review

I had an amazing opportunity to try out Google Glass at theGirlsInTechMinneapolis event at the Local in Downtown Minneapolis on August 1st, 2013.  Unfortunately, I did not get to spend more than a few minutes with it as there were many individuals that attended (a great win for women in Tech though!) 

me wearing Google glass
If you haven’t heard of Google Glass before, it’s basically a computing device projected onto a clear glass lens that is positioned in front your eyes much like a regular pair of glasses.  The view appears as a semi-transparent picture in picture over your regular line of sight. The main applications seem to be oriented towards information retrieval such as accessing weather, social media feeds, and Google searches. 

Physically, the device is fairly conspicuous.  It looks about the size of a regular pair of glasses.  Google Glass comes in an array of colors; this one was bright orange. The major visual oddity is that the right side contains the actual device, but the…