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Gr8Ladies Mission

Friday, ontwitter, it became evident that some people may not understand the mission ofGr8Ladies.  I don't mean to call out this particular individual, but as he was not the first person to raise this question and I'm sure he won't be the last, I felt it was a good time to start talking about it.  To begin,Gr8Ladiesis an open organization.  Anyone who supports women in the Gr8 (Groovy,Grails,Gradle,Griffon, etc) community is welcome to attend events.  In fact, I will argue, we can't achieve our goals without men being part of the discussion.
I started Gr8Ladies last year after a series of events.  When I met Gr8Ladies co-founder Allison at our local Groovy users group,GroovyMN, last summer I’m pretty sure my first words were something to do with my relief that I found another woman at a user group who wasn’t a recruiter!  Before I moved to Minnesota (and switched to Groovy) last summer, I was part of several user groups where men would ask for which company I was recrui…