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No, It wasn't just about the travel

I haven’t talked about this for various reasons. From the comments I’ve received in the last week, it seems like continuing to hint at what happened rather than talking about it, and embarrassing people(myself included) has actually made the situation worse so here’s a collection of everything that happened from my point of view.
The First Blog Post (Early March) So let’s begin with a blog post I published back in March.  The version there right now is not the original.  Originally, I had included a case study based on a conversation from Twitter about the low number of women who were applying at Gradle, Inc. I thought I was helping by showing that it wasn’t just a problem with Gradle, but in the entire community and trying to think of reasons why the numbers might be so low. Within 45 minutes of posting it, I had three different people harassing me via various communication methods about how it might be viewed as an attack on Gradle, Inc.  I had a lot of respect for the members of t…