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Never been promoted? You’re not alone.

I was chatting with some other women in tech about career paths and especially promotions. Most have said they had to change jobs/companies for a title bump. What about you?

For Women Devs Only:

Have you ever gotten a promotion (or title bump) at the company where you worked? — Jenn Strater (@codeJENNerator) February 7, 2020
At first glance, you might think 54% is ok. After all, a majority of the women surveyed say they’ve been promoted. If you read it again and think about the fact that it says EVER, it’s depressing. Many of the women who said yes have also experienced discrimination in at least one review. So if this keeps happening and you’re thinking maybe it’s just you, it might not be!

I’ve been hearing more and more stories from women like myself with 10+ or even 20+ years of tech experience who switch jobs every 2 years because they can’t seem to get promotions any other way. It’s just heart-wrenching and, frankly, bad for business to keep losing employees and paying more for n…