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Fulbright Update November 2016

As I near the three-month mark of my Fulbright grant, I reflect back on my experience thus far. Although I had a rough start with government paperwork and finding housing, I am now finally starting to experience life in Denmark. Adjusting has taken some time as I have learned how to bike with traffic and find the most efficient route to take public transportation between my apartment on the far southwest side and the university north of the city.

For the educational aspect of my Fulbright experience, I am taking four classes this semester and one in January that will lead into my project work in February.  Every few weeks, I meet with my advisor to discuss how my coursework will impact my project in the Spring.  I also had a minor advisory role in the selection of a master’s thesis with the Groovy compiler for another student.  Students and professors have been mostly positive and open minded when I talk about the Groovy programming language. Some are familiar with Groovy from using …