QuickTip (Spock): Stubbing with null

This is less of a problem and more of a code style thing, but I noticed recently that some of our Spock code has several instances of >> null.

For example:

1 * service.doSomething() >> new Blah()
1 * service.doSomethingElse() >> null

It's nice to see that the interactions are written in the same style, but for many methods1, Spock returns null by default so writing the >> null is redundant and I prefer to remove it.

Do you agree or not? Feel free to comment below. If this is something we agree on, perhaps it should be a new codenarc rule.


  1. Since 1.2 Spock became even smarter with default mock return values. E.g. return Optional.empty instead of null. So the rule should not be "don't write `>> null` but "don't write `>> whateverIsDefault`".


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